Coworking na Błoniach

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Coworking na Błoniach is the place in the heart of Krakow especially made for productive and independent business. Here you can appoint your business meetings, hold negotiations, mini-conferences or just work in calm and cozy atmosphere. We offer our clients fully equipped office space which contains of:

Waiting room with comfortable sofa and coffee table.

Coworking zone for individual work with four-table workstation.

Large room for negotiations with big table (max for 10 people).

Tea and coffee making facilities.



Service price
Up to two hours 15 zł
Up to one day 25 zł
Mouth 350 zł

Virtual office

Service Price
1 mounth 89 zł/99 zl*
3 mounths 69 zł/79 zl*
3 mounths 59 zł/69 zl*
12 mounths 49 zł/59 zl*
Virtual office with mail scanning service*


Service Price
Company with no economic activity 200 zł
from 1 to 5 documents 250 zł
from 5 to 10 documents 300 zł
from 10 to 20 documents 350 zł
from 20 to 30 documents 400 zł
from 30 to 40 documents 450 zł
from 40 to 50 documents 500 zł
from 50 to 60 documents 600 zł
from 60 to 70 documents 700 zł
from 70 to 80 documents 800 zł
from 80 to 100 documents 900 zł
from 100 to 130 documents 1100 zł
from 130 to 160 documents 1250 zł
from 160 to 200 documents 1450 zł
more then 200 documents the price is set individually


Service Price
Annual financial statement According to current price for accounting services, but no less than 500 zł
Making declaration 25 zł
PPC declaration 15 zł
SP-3 declaration 50 zł
DT-1 declaration 50 zł
Annual PIT declaration 30 zł
Employment texes for 1 employee 30 zł
Certificates from US, ZUS, GUS 25 zł
Certificate A1 100 zł
Other additional services the price is set individually

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About us

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs


Сoworking na Błoniach is an office space in the very center of Krakow, which belongs to the accounting company InPL Biuro Rachunkowe. The office consists of reception room and two separate rooms, fully equipped for providing independent business activity as well as for conducting meetings with clients and co-workers.

InPL Biuro Rachunkowe is an accounting company that has been operating in Poland for more than three years. We are working with clients from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Estonia and other countries, who provide their business in Poland

The central office of InPL Group is located in Lublin.

All our accountants has Polish higher education, constantly take part in trainings for professional development and have extensive work experience.

We are trusted by owners of small enterprises and large companies.

InPL Biuro Rachunkowe is an accounting which that is always on time and correct.

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